The Canadian Chito Ryu Karate Associations 2018 annual general meeting was held the first weekend in November in Toronto. It was well attended by Canadian Chito Ryu and World Chito Ryu members. There were members from BC, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI & Newfoundland

It consisted of advanced gradings, clinics, committee meetings and lots of team building social activities.

Congratulations to those who successfully passed their advantanced gradings.

RENSHI – Thierry DeBeur – Noel Francisco – Andy Kovacs – Edward Docherty – Mike Brown

SHIHAN – Deborah Brooks – Neil Pond – Yee Ngan – Justin Rybie

4th DAN – Louise Gauvreau – Lyne Laroche – Mario Cardinal – Kelly Angelucci – Karen Angelucci – Eric Pauls – Bill Moran – Don Lawson

5th DAN – James Ferri – Martin Sisler

6th DAN – Noel Blais – Louis-France Lemieux