Chito Ryu was well represented at the 2018 Karate Canada National Championships


Quebec Results

Karate Cama Dojo



Prince Edward Island Results

Team PEI consisted of 6 Chito Ryu Athletes and 3 Chito Ryu Coaches.  This small team went home with 2 medals and lots of improvements and things to work on.

Mark Seeman  2 bronze medals in youth kumite. Also competed in youth kata (West River School of Karate)

Noah Blaquierre 5th and 7th place finish in kata.( cadet and juniors) (Ch’town Martial Arts)

Liam MacNevin  competed in cadet kumite (West River School of Karate)

Julia Enman competed in cadet kata (Ch’town Martial Arts)

Jonathan Rodriguiz competed in cadet kata (Ch’town Martial Arts)

Clark Upton competed in senior kata. (Ch’town Martial Arts)

Kata coach: Collin Affleck (Ch’town Martial Arts)

Kumite coach: Mike Brown (West River School of Karate)

Assitant coach: Dawn Brown (West River School of Karate)


New Brunswick Results

Fredericton Karate Club

Yashna Hathi – 2nd place Senior +68kg

Hilary Pond – 3rd place Senior -68kg


KV Karate

Alexander Cumming – 3rd place Cadet -70kg

Fundy School of Karate

Tommy Winters – 3rd place Youth -55kg


Hilary, Yashna and Kate Campbell – 1st place Female Senior Team Kumite as members of Team Atlantic


KV Karate

Neil Pond – Official

Brent Donovan: Upgraded to Kata and Kumite Judge A while attending Nationals

Fredericton Karate Club

Don Mazerolle – Official

Randy Rix – Head Coach for team KNB

Scott Dixon – KNB Team Manager (parent)

Two Rivers Karate

Terry Soucy was on the tournament committee for this years KC Nationals.

Fundy School of Karate:

Glen Savoie – Assistant Coach for team KNB

Karate Canada Awards

Hilary Pond – Academic Achievement Award: Post Secondary

Don Mazerolle – President’s Award – Builder

Don Mazerolle – Achieved Karate Canada 7th Dan recognition