This year is my 45th year of practice in karate-Do Chito-Ryu.

It all started on a Saturday morning in Autumn 1973.
I enrolled in the school of King Karate Dojo of Buckingham located at st Laurent School.

My first instructor was Richard Charron, responsible for the children’s course.
Later, I joined the more advanced course under the supervision of Sensei Gilbert Kingsbury.
Sensei Kingsbury gave me his passion for competition, passion that still animates me today!

In 1985, I opened my dojo, karate cama, where I can transmit my passion for karate-Do Chito-Ryu.
I had the chance to train with sensei Luc Maisonneuve, great combat champion, who greatly helped me in my understanding of the kumite.

Since 1989, I have been the teachings of Sensei Higashi, 10th Dan, hanshi, chief instructor of the Canadian Karate Association-Do Chito-Ryu.
Sensei Higashi is my master in my search for understanding of budo, the martial way.

I was also fortunate to receive the lessons of Sensei Antonio Oliva Seba, a great expert in the high-Level Kumite. His knowledge is invaluable.

Thank you to all the instructors and all the old martial arts who paved the way and opened the doors of knowledge!

Thank you to my friends and to my many students I meet week after week! You’re a source of motivation.

A special thank you to my family, to my boys Jean-S├ębastien, Marc-Olivier and Nicolas, and to my wife lyne for your unconditional support!
Lyne, you’re everything to me. I love you.

Karate-Do Chito-Ryu, the passion of a life… already 45 years!
Kyozon Kyoei!