Kyoshi David Smith steps down as president after 37 years.

A tribute to our longest serving President,(37 years) Dr. David Smith, 7th Dan, Kyoshi. Dr. David Smith started karate in Shotokan before joining Higashi Dojo in 1968. Dr. Smith became the President of The Canadian Chito Ryu Karate-Do Association in 1982, after our 1st President, Pat Duffy stepped down. This Association was formed in 1979 by Pat Duffy and his Chito Ryu team. Pat was a lawyer. Our Association celebrated […]

Kyoshi & Renshi Technical Clinic 2019

This past weekend March 8, 9 10, 2019 saw members of the Canadian Chito-ryu Association’s Renshi and Kyoshi group gathered together for a weekend of advanced training. Members from across the country came together, for a weekend long endeavour, to share their knowledge and expertise and sharpen their skill all under the guidance of Hanshi Higashi at Honbu Dojo in Toronto.  Promotions where also one of the highlights where five […]

CCRA in Japan 2018

CCRKA in Japan – 2018 Prepared by Andre Buret Photography: Troy Feener and David Gannon   Wednesday, April 11, 2018. Nineteen happy faces from the CCRKA are at an airport, somewhere in Canada, from PEI to BC. They are on their way to join sensei Higashi for a tour in Japan that will surely become history, at least in their own lives. Narita airport, Tokyo. All nineteen faces, still thrilled […]


The Canadian Chito Ryu Karate Associations 2018 annual general meeting was held the first weekend in November in Toronto. It was well attended by Canadian Chito Ryu and World Chito Ryu members. There were members from BC, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI & Newfoundland It consisted of advanced gradings, clinics, committee meetings and lots of team building social activities. Congratulations to those who successfully passed […]

Kyoshi Bisson Celebrates 45 Years Milestone

This year is my 45th year of practice in karate-Do Chito-Ryu. It all started on a Saturday morning in Autumn 1973. I enrolled in the school of King Karate Dojo of Buckingham located at st Laurent School. My first instructor was Richard Charron, responsible for the children’s course. Later, I joined the more advanced course under the supervision of Sensei Gilbert Kingsbury. Sensei Kingsbury gave me his passion for competition, […]

Sensei Higashi Norway Clinic September 2018

Sensei Higashi visit to Bodø 13-16. September 2018. As you can see, lots of happy faces. Sensei Higashi visited us for his 7th time. Arriving Bodø at 3 pm after 14 hours flight from Toronto, we allowed him a couple of hours at the hotel before 4 hours training in the dojo. (Schedule was approved by Sensei in advance) As usual Higashi aka «mr sunshine» brought the sunshine with him. […]

Chito Ryu Results from Karate Nationals 2018

Chito Ryu was well represented at the 2018 Karate Canada National Championships   Quebec Results Karate Cama Dojo ______________________________________________________________________________________   Prince Edward Island Results Team PEI consisted of 6 Chito Ryu Athletes and 3 Chito Ryu Coaches.  This small team went home with 2 medals and lots of improvements and things to work on. Mark Seeman  2 bronze medals in youth kumite. Also competed in youth kata (West River School […]