Sensei Higashi visit to Bodø 13-16. September 2018.

As you can see, lots of happy faces.

Sensei Higashi visited us for his 7th time. Arriving Bodø at 3 pm after 14 hours flight from Toronto, we allowed him a couple of hours at the hotel before 4 hours training in the dojo. (Schedule was approved by Sensei in advance) As usual Higashi aka «mr sunshine» brought the sunshine with him.

Sensei is still going incredibly strong. Inspiring role model for us all(aAnd he still sees everything). When he is at the back and you don’t think he is able to see you, suddenly he appears up front correcting your mistake.

Sensei Higashi had 3 classes with the kids, and they loved every minute. They had stars in their eyes and got their belts signed and had photos with the great master.

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