From June 29 to July 03, 2015, a group of 21 Chito Ryu karatekas from Canada and Norway, lead by Hanshi Higashi Sensei and Kyoshi Golz, travelled through Switzerland during a trip organized by Sensei Andre Buret.

The trip started with a 2 day karate camp in Vaumarcus, by the city of Neuchatel. From there, the group crossed the Lake on boat and stayed in a mountain chalet in le Creux-du-Van. Accommodations were basic, and the fondue was awesome!

The train then took them to Grindelwald, where all climbed the inside of the North Face of the Eiger .. in the train going to the Jungfraujoch observatory, at over 3500 m altitude.

As some said: A trip of a lifetime!